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Mushroom Blends

Shop our range of Mushroom blends for a combination of health benefits all-in-one. We’ve carefully selected species of Mushroom with a final goal using the correct quantity of each. Shop for sleep, physical health, energy and more! 

  • £24.99



    Energize Mushroom Blend

    A blend of Mushroom Powders to give you a boost

  • £24.99


    Feel Better

    Protect Mushroom Blend

    A blend of Mushroom powders to assist with Brain, Heart and Gut Health

  • £24.99



    Serenity Mushroom Blend

    Anti-Inflammatory, Immune-Support, Brain-Health

  • £24.99


    Sleep Better

    Sleep Mushroom Blend

    A blend of Mushroom powders to assist with your sleep

What are Mushroom Blends? 

Mushroom blends are powders made up of various types of Mushrooms to bring you a combination of health benefits. There’s a lot of similarity between many mushrooms and so we’ve married the most similar into our Unity blends to give a specific desired outcome. With some mushrooms offering energy, and others offering calm and gut-health it’s a win-win scenario choosing a blended mushroom product. Want to sleep better? Choose our Sleep Blend. Want more energy? Choose our Energize blend. 

Are they safe to take?

Just like our Pure Mushroom Powders the Unity Blends are perfectly safe to take. Each powder contained within the pack is organic, full spectrum to contain the full benefits associated and independently lab-tested for quality and assurance of contents. They’re just as easy to take too: simply add to tea, coffee & shakes or use as an ingredient in your every-day cooking. 


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