What are Tremella Mushrooms?

In this article we cover the essential information regarding this super mushroom and it’s potential health benefits, where it comes from and why you might consider its use in your day-to-day life.

Tremella Mushrooms (Tremella Fuciformis) are a type of Funghi belonging to the Tremellaceae family and all species of Tremella are actually parasites of other funghi, meaning they grow on other species. The fruiting body of the Tremella mushroom (called the Basidiocarps) are gelatinous and thus known as “Jelly Funghi”. Only one species of the 100 that exist is used in food.

Historically, Tremella mushrooms were not actually thought to be mushrooms but algae instead, most likely due to it’s jelly like texture and appearance which is where it gets its name, with Tremella coming from the latin word “tremere”, meaning tremble. Think of Jelly when you poke it – it trembles!

The fruiting body itself is usually small in size and rounded like a pillow, though this depends on the species in question as there is some variety between them.

Tremella Mushroom in its natural habitat

Where do Tremella Mushrooms come from?

This species of parasitic funghi is found on other funghi which inhabit most tropical and subtropical areas of the world, growing out of dead wood and branches.

What are some uses of the Tremella mushroom?

Tremella mushroom has been employed for thousands of years as a form of medicine by the Chinese as a preventative for disease, to boost the immune system and to even improve general skin health. It is not typically used as a food item due to it’s size: being a small funghi it is not worth eating considering the effort it would take to cultivate.

The “meat-&-2-veg” of the Tremella

This is the part you’re probably reading this article for: the health benefits. Tremella Mushrooms contain a variety of nutrients and anti-inflammatory antioxidants which together provide an impressive array of effects which can improve your general health. But more specifically, it can be said that this particular funghi can do the following:

  • Protects against oxidative stress & inflammation 
  • May improve cognitive health (brain health)
  • May improve your skin’s general health 
  • May improve the function of your immune system 
  • May improve the general health of your heart
  • May improve blood sugar levels 

That’s an impressive list of qualities just from one mushroom! Bear in mind though that many of the studies cited above were carried out on animals and these effects may not carry across to humans. Though empirical evidence may help to corroborate the assertions above.

Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

Oxidative stress is damage done to the bodies cells when there’s an imbalance between them and something called “free radicals“. This imbalance is likely caused by diet and other environmental factors, so ingesting the fruiting body of the Tremella Mushroom can help to rebalance antioxidants and free radicals. This stress to cells and tissue can lead to chronic inflammation and increase the incidence of quite serious conditions such as (but not limited to) heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even kidney disease.

The fruiting body which we use to create our Tremella mushroom powder contains polysaccharides which exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidating properties, giving credence to the assertion of it’s immune system benefits.

Cognitive Health

The evidence to suggest improvements to human brain health is the result of a randomized control trial using a small sample size of individuals with self-diagnosed confusion or memory loss. One group in the study had a placebo, whilst the other took Tremella mushroom supplement for 8 weeks. The results strongly suggested an improvement in those not taking the placebo. The exact means by which the Tremella Mushroom can improve your brain function is not entirely clear, though it seems there are some effects to the nerve cells – likely it is protecting them from natural damage over time.

Interestingly, there is also some evidence to suggest it’s efficacy in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is clear that more studies are required to make any definitive assertion regarding the Tremella Mushroom’s effects on cognitive health, though from what scientific and empirical evidence we have, it looks promising.

Skin Health

With moisturising and anti-aging properties, the Tremella shroom may also have cosmetic uses. An excellent all-natural skin remedy to consider instead of synthetic, chemical ridden, high cost beauty products. By allowing the skin’s cells to retain water and assisting in the skin’s loss of collagen (an essential protein), the consumption of Tremella mushroom results in a general improvement to the condition of your skin.

Reducing the loss of collagen effects the suppleness, firmness and elasticity of skin making it appear more youthful, an anti-ageing property which spawned a multi-billion dollar industry which is predominantly aimed at women, though a niche industry for men has emerged and is gaining traction as marketing efforts double down.


Heart Health

A study conducted in 2015 demonstrated a reduction in triglycerides and total cholesterol levels in the blood whilst at the same time increasing HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) in mice that had type 1 diabetes. It’s no secret that heart disease has a strong correlation to high triglycerides & cholesterol so the presence of exopolysaccharides found in Tremella mushrooms is a promising and enticing property.


Blood Sugar Management

Animal studies demonstrate an improvement to the management of blood sugar in mice with diabetes. After consistent consumption of the funghi, the affected mice were shown to have greatly reduced blood sugar levels. Older studies suggest the same and the presence of polysaccharides can help to vastly improve blood glucose and insulin resistance.

Should I consider taking Tremella Mushroom Powder?

If you’ve got this far through our blog on the subject, you’re aware of the great many health benefits associated with it’s use. Taking it is simple and it can entail adding to tea’s, coffee, smoothies and more making it simple and quick. Being difficult to cultivate and even harder to locate, our Tremella Mushroom Powder pouches are convenient and affordable as well as long-lasting. The key to a healthy diet doesn’t have to be the same old boring salads every day!

Is it safe to consume Tremella mushroom powder?

Our powder comes from the fruiting body of the funghi and is carefully cultivated, processed and packed into metallic foil pouches for dryness & freshness. Tremella Mushroom has been consumed for it’s medicinal properties for thousands of years and so it is considered completely safe to eat with no known adverse effects. If you’re concerned about taking it or your currently on medication prescribed by your GP, mention it to them on your next visit and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with their response.