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Tremella Mushroom Powder


Tremella Mushroom Powder



What is Tremella Mushroom Powder?

Tremella Mushroom powder comes from the fruiting body of the Tremella mushroom – a type of fungus with various names. It is also often referred to as “snow fungus” or “white fungus” due to it’s interesting fluffy white appearance. This species of mushroom hails from warmer tropical countries like Brazil and various areas within Asia. Being edible, they’re medicinal mushrooms which simply means they have a variety of health benefits and have been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries or more.


What can Tremella Powder do?

Like other medicinal mushrooms Tremella mushroom powder has become a sensation in western culture recently thanks to it’s array of health benefits. Not only are it’s health benefits of a physical nature, it may also help with stress and give the brain a boost. And much like the Turkey Tail Mushroom, it is full of antioxidants which are great for the immune system and skin health.

Packed with antioxidants for skin & cell health

Oxidative stress in the bodies cells is caused by an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals, which essentially means there’s an imbalance. Taking Tremella Mushroom Powder helps to replenish antioxidant levels in the body thereby settling the imbalance. This has various positive effects on one’s body including an increase in the effectiveness of the immune system in fighting off infection as well as improving general skin health.

Immune-improving Polysaccharopeptides

Again just like Turkey Tail Mushrooms, the Tremella contains Polysaccarides which also exhibit antioxidant activity. The powder from the Tremella mushroom can play a strong role in the modulation and optimization of the immune system as found by a 2020 review which studied the ways in balancing the immune system. Tremella is actually an adaptogen an this is one of the ways it helps to bring your pathogen-fighting immune response to balance.

A Boost to collagen in skin

Along with it’s incredible antioxidant properties, Tremella Mushroom Powder can also greatly improve skin health in general. This is great news for those of us struggling to tame wild and unhealthy skin, especially when all we have to rely on is cosmetics and various prescription medicines. A natural alternative is easily available to everyone and it’s effects are well documented. By ingesting or applying the mushroom directly to the skin, the benefits to the skin health can be observed over time with it’s impact on firmness and elasticity. A reduction in the loss of collagen by your skin as well as repair to damaged collagen results in drastically improved overall skin-health.

Why should I take Tremella Mushroom Powder?

These days people are looking for healthier, more natural alternatives to general well-being and physical health. The power of mushrooms becomes evident once you do your research on the subject and nootropics are now a booming market as people begin to understand the incredible power of our fungus friends. Tremella Mushroom Powder has a number of health benefits as mentioned above and it’s simple and easy to take. Modern life is full of stresses and often our diets are to blame.

The complexity of the human body relies heavily on the food we eat and in order for optimal function, it needs essential nutrients and vitamins. Tremella mushroom powder can assist you in getting many of these without the confusion, prescription or the consumption of specific food-types as a general alteration to diet.

How do I take it?

Easily! There’s no particular guide on how to consume any mushroom powder so feel free to experiment and have fun. Adopt the consumption of natural health supplements as a daily habit and you’ll see the benefits soon after. Tremella Mushroom powder can be taken in tea or coffee, milkshakes, smoothies and added to your cooking to enhance the health benefits quickly and simply. Remember though, the key is consistency!

Read about Nootropics in general if you’re new to the scene.


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