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Our Story

What is FunghiFuel?

We’re passionate about natural & organic supplements and Mushrooms fit the bill in a variety of ways. Medicinal Mushrooms are proven to improve health in a number of ways & they’re easy to take. Add to tea, coffee, smoothies & more!

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

Pure & Simple Mushroom Powders

No-nonsense powdered fruiting body. A myriad health improvements in a few clicks. 


Chaga Powder

Energy | Focus | Immunity



Turkey Tail Powder

Gut Health | Immunity



Lion’s Mane Powder

Heart | Gut | Stress



Tremella Powder

Brain | Gut | Immunity


Agaricus Blazei

Blood | Gut | Immunity


Tremella Powder

Wellbeing | Stress | Immunity


Tremella Powder

Adaptogenic | Gut | Immunity


Tremella Powder

Brain | Heart | Immunity


Why shop with FunghiFuel™?

Discount prices, big-name brands, next day delivery. Natural Health.

Organic Mushrooms

We choose organically grown mushrooms, because what’s the point in taking natural health supplements if they’ve been doused in chemicals? 

Full Spectrum Extraction

The extraction process we use ensures both the alcohol & water-soluble components are present, ensuring the full benefits from each mushroom


Each batch is independently tested to ensure our rigorous standards are met, meaning each product contains exactly what it should. No fillers!


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